Noise Brunch

(Role: Co/Founder, Curator, Event Planner, Art Director, Designer, Chef, Artist)

Noise Brunch occurred on the last Sunday of every month from 2012 - 2016 at the Jam Handy building in New Center, Detroit. 

Inspired by the Godwaffle Noise Pancake shows at The Lab in San Francisco, myself and collaborators Nick George and Cassie McQuater wanted to create a unique cultural experience that was both inviting and avant-garde in a uniquely Midwestern way.  We thought having noise shows accompanied by potluck style brunch was a pretty good way to do that.

The event gained some 'notoriety' and grew to include AV installations, performance art, poetry readings, and pop-ups by local vendors selling everything from books and coffee to vintage clothes and ceramics. The events featured both local and touring musicians and the food was made by professional chefs and home cooks alike. It became a space where everyone was welcome and people were free to experiment with their art to a captive audience. 

In 2016, we had the last (?) Noise Brunch, which was official auxiliary programming for the famed Trip Metal Fest




Event Photos

(photo credit various, #noisebrunch)

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